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Spirograph & Lissajous animations in 3D. You can use them as a screen saver, with music, or export
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3 November 2008

Editor's review

Most of us often tend to get swayed by the alluring 3D world; be it be anything from screensavers to movies and animations. Some of us always wish to create amazing 3D figures at our own, but the lack of appropriate technical skills for the purpose usually holds us back. Well, you need not hold back your wish anymore as Lissajous 3D 3.0 is there to assist you. The program allows users to create amazing Lissajous and Spirograph patterns based 3D based animations. While creating animations, you can utilize different images as textures for wrapping up the patterns, and see them twisting with the curves. It allows you to use the created animations as screensaver along with music, and the animations further can be exported as images, animations or movies for using them with different 3D applications.

Lissajous 3D 3.0 supports the users in creating the 3D animations with ease and allows them to have fun while they go about the designing task. To begin the process you need to select the pattern and images to form the animation. The program allows you form different patterns by modifying waves, shapes, velocity, ribbon size, tubes, curves, segments, etc, from the two main patterns. Alterations help you to form different patterns like Hazy sea creature, Tipsy Poly, Morphing CD, Autumnal colour leaf, magnetised golden spiral, and various others. Altering different patterns and forming new ones you can save them as images to send as email or use for other purposes. You can form images and also create flash animations or animation frames. While editing the patterns you can alter the colours to give them a desired appearance. Make suitable selection and set the configurations to form screensavers and you can also add music to make them more enjoyable.

Lissajous 3D 3.0 comprises of all the essential features that help users in creating fantastic 3D animations, movies and screensavers. 4 rating points are assigned to the program, for enabling its users to create and modify almost all the aspects of 3D animation, and for its interactive feature-set.

Publisher's description

Make many beautiful relaxing animations based on Spirograph and Lissajous patterns, taken into 3D. You can use any pictures as textures to wrap over the patterns - then as the curves animate, your pictures can twist and turn like reflections in a hall of mirrors! You can use your animations as a screen saver, with music. Or export images, movies or animations in the obj format recognised by many 3d programs.
Lissajous 3D
Lissajous 3D
Version 3.0
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